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Most of our clients have tried multiple times to modify their mortgage on their own or with the help of a HUD counseling agency without any success. Many of them have paid thousands of dollars in up-front fees to loan modification scammers and inexperienced attorneys that did little or nothing to help them.

If you are attempting to modify your mortgage on your own or with a HUD certified counselor beware! Loan servicers are the number one loan modification scammer.

Your loan servicer is a debt collector and does not represent your best interests. All HUD certified counselors work as agents of your loan servicer and they are, in effect, debt collector agents.

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We know how stressful it is to be struggling with your mortgage payment and facing possible foreclosure. We also know how frustrating it is dealing with your loan servicer.

We have assembled a team of industry experts in real estate law, bankruptcy law, accounting and financial services to assist you through this process.

Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing our clients with free and accurate information to help them make the best decisions possible about their home loan situation!

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